After kind invitation from side of Province Secretariat of Agriculture, Water Management and Forestry, Mr. Dusan Teofilovic, Assistant of Secretary have received the representatives of National LEADER Network (NLN) and LAG Fruska gora-Danube.

After mutual introduction of organisations and their current activities, the exchange of experiences took place in terms of elaborate processes in establishment stages and challenges coming from the fact that both organisations are networks with participation of great number of people. The representatives of NLN stated that roots of their engagement and acting in this area are dated from 2006 and that now, they have 21 active members.

The main subject of this meeting was cooperation and possibilities for cooperation on all levels: Between Secretariat and NLN, Secretariat and LAG FGD, NLN and LAG FGD. Besides, it was considered the performance of Republic Ministry of Agriculture and quality of communication.

It was important exchange of information related to the last meeting of IPARD Monitoring Committee where NLN is represented and when Action Plan of Technical Assistance was adopted.

NLN representatives have announced their plans for organisation of the Conference on national level related to implementation of IPARD Programme in Serbia, sometimes in April 2016.

On the other side, LAG FGD representatives have announced plans for organisation of one regional round table under working title “Rural Voice” with intention to invite LAG’s representatives from the region with active participation of relevant organisations such as NLN, Province Secretariat of Agriculture and if possible Republic Ministry of Agriculture.

It was concluded that close cooperation on various initiatives and activities is necessary and that this meeting is good start and introduction in it.

Also, it was concluded that cooperation with Republic Ministry has to be improved and personal communication with Ministry representatives has to be strengthened and it was added with a touch of humore that in the future, more cups of coffee have to be drunk with them.

The meeting was held in smooth and friendly atmosphere.

News taken from LAG FGD

Meeting with REDR - Investing in better capacities for research, policy, public affair management

Within Institutional Support to LEADER+BK/NLN 2015/2016 Program a Networking Meeting “I.1.1. Meeting with REDR - Investing in better capacities for research, policy, public affair management” was held in Madrid, at the REDR Headquarters. The meeting was organized by LEADER+BK and National Leader Network.

Ivana Stefanović Ristin, Maria Jose Murciano and Aurelio García Bermudez attended the meeting and covered the following topics: Presentations of REDR, Leader+ BK and National LEADER Network, Discussion on REDR model for Networking, Advocacy and Lobbying and Support to LAGs, Presentation of development of LAGs in Serbia and current situation and possibilities for funding and Next Steps for cooperation between NLN and REDR.

After the presentations of all three organizations and their work, Mrs. Murciano and Stefanović Ristin agreed that the main objective and main job of national networks is lobbying and advocacy. Unifying the voices of LAGs, representing their interests in front of regional and national authorities is the most important work. Mrs. Murciano also pointed out the importance on proper, quality and timely communication - communication and information sharing is one of the most important services for supporting LAGs.

Ivana Stefanović Ristin informed on history of LEADER introducing in Serbia, presented development of LAGs and current situation, as well as possibilities for funding. Mrs. Stefanović pointed out that experience exchange on the network level is most valuable for NLN and Leader+, and peer to peer LAGs exchange and projects are at the second place by importance. Mrs. Murciano agreed and proposed for REDR President to come in Serbia for the Conference, in order for him to present their model of work to key actors. Mrs. Murciano also welcomed the kind request from NLN to help NLN in designing and fine tuning of further actions and plans.

Working Group Meeting titled “National Convention on EU – Working Group Meeting for Chapters 11, 12, 13”


Working Group Meeting titled “National Convention on EU – Working Group Meeting for Chapters 11, 12, 13” was held on December 04th 2015 at the National Assembly of Republic of Serbia in Belgrade. Working Group Meeting was held within the program Institutional Support to LEADER+BK/NLN 2015/2016, and it was organized by LEADER+BK and National Leader Network.

State Secretary and President of Negotiating Groups 11, 12 and 13 Mr. Danilo Golubović welcomed the participants, and working part of the Meeting was divided into the following sections:

  • The way towards efficient structures for IPARD program, with panelists: Dragan Mirković, Assistant Minister, Sector for Rural Development, Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection, Bojan Živadinović, Acting Director of Agrarian Payment Agency, Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection, Dušan Brajković, Assistant Minister, Ministry of Finance and Ana Ilić, Coordinator for EU funds, Serbian European Integration Office.
  • Preparation of Action plan for Chapter 11, with panelist Ms. Milica Jevtić, Secretary of Negotiating group for Chapter 11, Sector for agricultural policy, Ministry of Agriculture and  Environmental Protection, and
  • Food safety – Chapter 12, with Ms. Tamara Bošković, Senior advisor, Veterinary Department, as panelist.

President of the National LEADER Network Ivana Stefanović Ristin participated in NKEU Working Group meeting at the National Assembly.

Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection announced three important issues: 1. Allocation in the Budget 2016 for 103 new employees in Paying Agency has been done; 2. The first meeting of Monitoring Committee is scheduled for February 11th 2016; 3. European Commission will implement auditing visit in second quarter of 2016th, and that is the date when accreditation of IPARD is possible.

Ivana Stefanović Ristin raised important issue on Technical Assistance Measure 501: what exactly is planned in Action plan for Technical Assistance Measure, when will it be operative, and what is the procedure for its accreditation.

Mr Mirković, Assistant Minister, Sector for Rural Development, Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection, confirmed the importance of this Measure, and answered that the Action Plan for Technical Assistance Measure is at the moment in consultative process in DG Agri in Brussels. He explained that next steps are for Action Plan to be presented to Monitoring Committee, which NLN is a member of, which then adopts or amends it. Mr Mirković informed participants that the Technical Assistance measure could be operative in mid-2016th.

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