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Partner with Us

National Leader Network is Serbia’s largest rural CSO. We build stronger local communities by improving knowledge, income and environment throughout rural Serbia. When you partner with us, you contribute to long-term solutions that benefit everyone. And you connect your brand and mission to thousands of rural opinion leaders and influencers.

Doing Well by Doing Good


Your brand gains a targeted audience of 600+ sectorial opinion leaders and 25+ donors in nearly 1.000 local communities across more than 40 municipalities and territories Serbia-wide. By aligning with National Leader Network, named by RTS1's Znanje Imanje as "Serbia's top rural advocacy network", your brand benefits.


Your support to NLN goes further. With more than €50 million available through IPARD 2013-2020 Fund for rural investments each year, NLN is growing significant reputation, resources and relationships to generate real change on a local, regional and national scale.


Demonstrate that you're committed to a bigger strategy for real change, beyond the photo opportunity. Invest in smarter, healthier and more inclusive rural communities and next generation of changemakers and rural leaders.

We know how to leverage the collective power of people and organizations to tackle complex community challenges. It's not simple, or easy. But we're about the long view.

What about you?